About Us

We are Innovative Technology Design 198-349NPO (INTED) Public Institution organizations we are approved as PBO as set out in section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962 (the Act). tax-exempt status as public charities. We serve a valuable role in educating citizens through in-depth public interest and have been accredited by PSETA. We are in process/extension of scope with all 20 Sector of Education Training Authority (SETA) such as SSETA, EWSETA, HWSETA, CETA, MICT, ETDPSETA etc. in order to elevate important social topics, particularly at the local levels. Innovative Technology Design generally believes that education should not be treated as a commercial product, and that free access to higher education ensures economic growth and technical intelligent for the greater population.

Why study with us?

We are a Public Institution and we can offer any level of accredited studies in due time with affordable fees (50% cut off price) and for free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay.


Where are we located?

We are located at 53A Styldrift, Akanani Center in Shirley Village, Elim. .

P Hlangwane

C Msimanga

MMA Rambuda

MB Mashavhela

P Maluleke

K Sejaphala

K Vele

P Shivambu

B Muthevhuli

A Nndwambi


Meet Our Team

We are a Public Learning Institution registered under Department of Social Development as Non-Profit Organization # registration 198-349NPO

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